Saturday, July 7, 2018

Ripped To Shreds- Burial (2018)

This is all about pure death metal inspired in the swedish sound. The level of brutality in this album is mercyless…this solo project from California takes no prisoners with this debut.The guitar sound is so rotten, low tuned and underground while the drum is always pounding and bad ass. “Craven Blood” is the opener. No melody at all, this is total impact. The brutality can be found in most of the riffs and structures and are amazing, followed by fast solos, never technique but made to destroy. With “Yellow River Incident, 1938” the level of rottenness is so high...unbelievable. Here can really see Repulsion influences with the first blast beats. The sequence “Black Seeds” is truly bestial in malevolence and impact. Truly hellish, powerful and always rotten. There's one song performed in Mandarin "Bone Ritual" about burying without embalming to let the flesh naturally rot away......
Very good work. Brutal as fuck!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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