Saturday, July 7, 2018

Seeking Obscure-Cutting Heads (2017)

Sick and twisted solo project called Seeking Obscure. definitely is one of the most fun albums to listen to when in the mood for horror and gore. Seeking Obscure blends death, thrash metal and grindcore beautifully into one  sick sound. The riffs are not fast but are catchy. The bass rumbles along underneath the riffs providing more earth shaking tremors. The drums are not played particularly fast, but they are technically very impressive. They are constantly present and blend with the music extremely well. There are some vocal effects that are used to great effect, enhancing the listening experience that much more. The vocals are often deep, decayed growls that sound as if they are coming from the grave. Every once in awhile vocalist Rob will unleash a blood curdling shriek or do something else unexpected which further adds to the horror of the music.The production on the album is thick and dirty, yet clean enough to hear everything that is happening on the album. This album is a ton of fun. Featuring re-recordings of 3 tracks from the 2006 split Cd and covers of Hipocrisy "Left To Rot" and Therion "The Return". Killer stuff !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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