Sunday, July 6, 2014

Meat Train-Flesh Made Man (UK)

One of the coolest grind records everyone should own, Meat Train markes a brutal voyage into the world of anger and rollicking hardcore punk grooves. Noisy and sometimes quite experimental, the record averages at least one sticky hook per song, ensuring the listener that they are listing to songs and not just blast beats and distortion. Vocalist provides the insane screeches and low death grunts that are now trademarks  in Grindcore bands. Songs are founded on angry  lyrics, insane snare blasts, power drill breaks and yes, even somewhat musical doom metal riffing. The overall tone is on the hopeless and apocalyptic side of things, the songs are really quite catchy and on rare occasions almost melodic. Crusties, grinders, and noise connoisseurs would all find something to enjoy here, but then again, they probably already own the album. As for everyone else, the album is definitely sorta recommended. This album is sick!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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