Sunday, July 6, 2014

Under Attack-High On Metal/The Aftermath (2014)

Wow. Under Attack are probably Sweden finest Thrash/Heavy Metal band in terms of aggressiveness and raw attitude. This is a compilation album and it is very catchy actually. The riffs are all very thrashy yet retain a BM feel to them as well. The production is very raw yet all instruments can be heard in the mix. The vocals are some of the most insane I've ever heard. They are very high pitched and raspy but the listener is able to understand a single word without the lyric sheet. The music for the most part is fast yet never gets into the territory of endless blast beats and "fast for the hell of it." The drums are well played with the right amount of blasts and double kick thrown in. The bass can be heard well at times, There is a guitar solo in almost ever song, solidifying their love of all things Motorhead and just old school metal in general. You can tell these guys had a lot of fun making this record and it really shows in the music they have crafted here. It also has some slightly distorted vocals in parts. Really though I think the vocals on the entire record may have a slight distortion and definately reverb thrown in. Makes it all sound more "evil" if you will. The lyrics are all in english as well, All in all this is just a very solid release from a great Swedish band. I recommend this to anyone who is into Thrash, Heavy, Speed, Black and basically any extreme form of metal. This is fuckin' cool!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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