Saturday, July 19, 2014

Throne Of Sacrilege/Impurium-Unleashing A Cacophony Of Destruction (Split Ep/2014)

Throne Of Sacrilege takes the rhythm of old Morbid Angel and thats how you get the Morbid Angel influence. They do not make the same interesting guitar work, sudden and constant shifting in guitar patterns, that exists in "Altars of Madness", instead this band takes the most brutal parts of the first two M. Angel albums and combines them with black metal influences as well. That is not to say that the songs are not technical or brutal, i would say this is pure chaos. Probably the highlight of the album is the machine gun drumming and how much of the songs are built around enforcing the speed and rythm of the drumming. Infact the drumming, not the guitar writing, that is probably the closest thing to Morbid Angel. The drumming may not be exactly on Pete's level, but it stands well against the like (for example Longstrength's drumming). Overall, this band is a powerful killing machine. Sometimes you have to take one or the other. Its great to listen to their attempt to carve a name out of the Morbid Angel legacy. That is much better then trying to be "different" for the sake of being different and just ending up with something completely average and/or boring. For what it is, TOS is great. Many other have attempted this and have failed miserably. Not every band can reinvent the genre, but why do you have to? Just make some great music and if something original comes out of it... even better.
Impurium: Almost every track of this band here is notable in some way, aggressive and whatnot, providing a good clue as to what’s coming. It’s generally an excellent representation of the band’s overall sound and definitely a worthy piece of work and the entire band has something great to offer here. It’s a black metal sound, it’s a must-have, both for Death metal fans and for black metal fans in general.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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