Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sepulcro-1988-1990 (demo compilation)

Sepulcro is a band that hails from Peru. Their music is very raw Thrash Metal , i remember seeing this band when i lived in Peru in the late 80's along with Trauma, Mortem, Desarme and more kick ass bands from the peruvian underground metal scene. These guys have been in the metal scene for a while, and are playing in the local scene very often. Well, this cd is a compilation of the demos from 88' to 90'. I've always thought the production of the early demo was perfectly fitting for the material. I've always advised people to find the original demo cassette and listening that demo with a good pair of headphones. But back to the production of this cd , now certainly, you can listen to the whole cd and it kills. The music itself is such that it will alter your mind in a manner that no drug can ever match. So if you're a fan of thrash metal but haven't heard Sepulcro (or maybe never heard thrash), they are an essential addition to your collection and life! They are truly one of the most original, daring, and intelligent bands in the history of extreme music in Peru. So pick up this kick ass cd, grab a few beers and headbang like a fuckin' maniac. Sepulcro rules!!Ăº/229108817236081
Review by Paul Caravasi

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