Saturday, July 19, 2014

Madrost-Into The Aquaticsector (2014)

Compositionally and musically, this is a huge step up from the earlier cd where the band were still in the process of crystallizing their own vision and interpretation of extreme metal. Madrost is a dynamic and diverse band while still playing in-your-face full on thrash. As musicians the band has grown. Where once could still them hear struggling on some parts on their previous album, here they’re comfortably playing and these maniacs have clearly grown more . What more can I say? Just get your hands on this album if you don’t own it already but claim to like thrash metal. The track 'Frozen Beneath The Snow' is a serious killer! Aggressive riffs and flawless drumming which makes you headbang like a maniac and if you are a guitar player, you'll really want to play it in yourself. I mean, after I heard this album a couple of times i want to learn how to play guitar because it really sounds so catchy and fun and you just can't miss them because they sounds so cool and you want to impress your naive friends with some killers riffs which will blow their head out! Don't you? features a shitload of headbanging riffs, "Into The Aquatic sector" is just another awesome thrash anthem which you'll dig for a long time. The band's superb musicianship and lunatic vocals stand at the forefront of this recording. In conclusion: if you are looking for a thrashing riff monster to bang your neck till it breaks, or if you want to blow up some dumb posers in town, get this fucking album right now! Take off your ass from the chair and run as fast as you can and get yourself a copy of a pure destructive metal piece!
Review by Paul caravasi

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