Monday, October 20, 2014

Necropsya-Toward Insanity (2013)

Necropsya already reached their status of a Peruvian cult thrash band, after a few albums of pure brutality and aggression. Every thrash or death fan must have listened to this band reached a higher level of musicianship and technique. The album title may suggest another display of sonic bestiality, like the killer stuff on the first couple of releases, but this time you shouldn’t judge this material by the record name. I don’t mean that violence and speed can’t be found on these songs, clear energy, velocity and aggression of Necropsya remain omnipresent, essential to define their sound. On other hand, now these guys are not so focused on brutality as before. When you listen the stratospheric atmosphere and guitar harmonies for instance, you can easily guess the intentions of the band. The song-writing, in particular, is more elaborated and these thrashers have put more attention on the structures and the progression/alteration of the riffs during the compositions. Primitive hooks and simple ways are avoided to reach an instrumentally complex result, featuring progressive passages, incessant rhythm changes, lengthy breaks and more prepared pickin’ parts. The band were determined to follow the technical patterns of the previous album, but putting much more emphasis on melody. The musical basis of these compositions is obviously thrashy and harsh, although the several harmonies, with Gustavo and Walter synchronized ideally, give more attention to melody now. That doesn’t mean their sound got weaker or cheesy, simply more sophisticated. And hey, there’s a lot of tremendous relentless riffs here! Guitar lines are as solid as usual: straight, fierce, merciless, showing no inconsistency or mediocrity. Gustavo and Walter demonstrated they were one of the most professional defiant  thrash combos, rivaling with King & Hanneman pretty seriously. They made a true display of talent, creativity and abilities in this record. So Necropsya definitely seemed to find their own stunning sound, getting distant from the cliches of the subgenre. Their attitude hasn’t changed, they really refused to sell out or follow any stupid trend.They demonstrate that in each cut, all plenty of intensity, power, skills and inspiration. I can’t find any clumsy moment, lack of continuity, any tedious number in this pack, a super guitar work on this cd and great live performances. The humble efficient Cesar-Paul rhythmic section is as fine as always, refusing to make an impressing display of skills, just defining the tempo properly. So as you can see (and hear), everything worked out in this amazing record. Their music would evolve into something even more remarkable and greater in their next release as well all know...but that’s another part of the story. Fucking brutal!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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