Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Overdose Support-Drink And Drive (Ep Cassette 2014)

There’s a peculiarly fascinating aspect to the ugliness of certain bands, something that can’t quite be done justice with a string of words. A lot of it hinges on what sort of things one likes with their horror movies, as the music tends to either seek elaborate ways of telling tales of either human or mystical notions of terror, or just go straight for the jugular and be content to watch a few violent moments before the impending demise. The sort of old school, thrashing, and disgusting brand of grindcore that this band from Finland brings to the table is an extreme version of the latter category, this EP actually provides an uncharacteristically clear and discernible alternative to the static-drenched contents of earlier grindcore. While the songs tend to range from being short to being way too short, there’s a few solid brutal riffs meshed in with a short-lived assortment of blast beats and breakdown beats, a real brief fit of crusty crossover with morose, twisted guttural sounds. Having said all of that, my chief gripe about grindcore  is fully on display here, but it is a very fitting way of implying that while a single column is a necessary element in the construction of a palace, temple, or whatever, it is not much to look at in itself. It’s solid for what it is, but anyone looking to blow some spare change on an auditory slaughter fest is best advised to stick to this band’s sound. Raw and brutal grindcore!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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