Saturday, October 11, 2014

Whore Of Bethlehem-Upon Judas Throne

Well Morbid Angel and Deicide influenced a lot of bands, I'm often surprised that the American death metal scene  still strong after all these years. Though I'm a huge fan of the old school bands, some of the new ones held very little of interest to me but very often i'm surprised with bands like Whore Of Bethlehem. When their cd "Upon Judas Throne" arrived, I was hesitant to take the plunge, What is this?? well i can tell it's complex death metal with memorable songwriting, dense riffing and infernal drum battery into a realm of sadistic grooves and sinister tones. Opener "Upon Judas Throne" is a blasting frenzy which suffers from a slightly dull verse but makes up for it through its bridge and chorus thrashing and sick leads, vocals are incredible on this album: truly dense and brutal, the songs are simply phenomenal with its deep, apocalyptic levels of double bass, and its simultaneously anti-Christian lyrics. I should also note the amazing guitars work on this album ( swedish style), both the rhythms and leads are among the best constructed in the death metal sound. The atmosphere and production on this album is kick ass, I'm not sure a lot of fans of the old school sound who were expecting another new band with lack of originality quite understood. The thing is, it's  a blast fest, but the cohesive and sludgy groove of the material makes it truly stand out. There are one or two tracks which slack behind as far as memorable writing, at least in part, but the rest of the album is surely the stuff of cosmic cult brutal death metal!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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