Tuesday, October 21, 2014


For people like me, who love semi-sloppy, primal old school metal, it doesn’t get much better then this band. Some complain about the shitty production and mixing, others complain about the band’s lack of musical efficiency, but both of which are things that I welcome with open arms. In my eyes, I would not want this cd any other way. The guitar could be louder, but I think its lowness in the mix actually adds to the chaotic, thrashing cacophony the band is going for, the recording itself actually has a pretty clear sound that could have been indubitably put to full use given the proper mixing job. The drums hold the most power and prominence in the mix, which is actually something that tends to bother me as well as most others in a lot cases, as you may have gathered. However, here, I do not find this to be an issue, and in fact, I like it this way. So if your ears have been tainted and pussified by today’s digital, crystal clarity, then this album’s production will without a doubt irritate you to no end, but I’m perfectly okay with that, because in that case, you probably shouldn’t be listening this anyway, relentless and ripping black/thrash-oriented sound (emphasis on the thrash part), or the other way around. The guitar never ventures too far off though, as it does always find its way back home quickly after getting off track. In this sense, the guitar being low in the mix is not necessarily a bad thing, and in the end probably saves more irritation for the modern-metal kiddies who can’t handle a little sloppiness then the production already does for those who need everything polished, pristine, and squeaky clean. Vocals are raspier, croak-like shriek, which is just radiating with menacing evil, to a more mid-range, semi-growled-yet-intelligible recitation that a lot of the time don't follow any particular rhythm, ripping blackened thrash metal, and it works very, very well, a damn fine piece of black/thrash. I’d go as far as to say it’s easily one of the best albums of its kind from this era, ranking it up there with the classics: Necrodeath’s ‘Into the Macabre’ and Sodom's Ïn the sign of evil". Everything from the artwork, to the music itself, and yes, even the production, is awesome, and all live up to the standards it takes you to the old 80’s black/death/thrash era. Features a killer cover :Sodomy and Lust by the legendary Sodom.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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