Monday, October 20, 2014

Zavotage-Frenesi De Agresividad

These young band Zavotage is an assault of sonic violence of thrash, extremely bestial and merciless. This killer songs will make thousands of thrashers break their necks. These  metallers show no mercy and made clear that Southamerica is a  place where the most fierce thrash is made. "Frenesi De Agresividad" already is a solid promising debut, featuring that pure noisy thrash sound of the middle-80’s,the outstanding aggression of massive riffing and insatiable velocity of Zavotage is gonna blow you out, relentless and incredibly harsh. A lot of emphasis is put by the band on, basically, the powerful exhibition of riffs, hooks, uncontrolled pickin’ parts and, of course, frantic velocity and blast beats. No melody, no sophistication, no time for games; this is total neck-breaking thrash. I admit some of the arrangements might sound primitive, simple, and the instrumental performance is not particularly technical nor advanced (at times chaotic). As long as their music achieves certain consistency and decent solidity, I don’t mind perfection is not reached, though. However, these guys concentrate also on the many lenghty instrumental passages, not only on the riffs. “Vomitron” or “El Principio Del Final” demonstrate the efficient skills of the group, including several inspired riff series that vary and progress along with the many rhythm changes, defining convincing breaks, bridges; creating rich instrumental sequences. So as you can see, they didn’t let everything hanging on a couple of easy riffs and speed. On other hand, they don’t really make something amazingly technical here. I doubt that was their intention. Their ambition is rather focused on making something heavy, brutal, not necessarily complex. Zavotage rules!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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