Sunday, May 17, 2015

Atheist-Live in Budapest 1993 ( Bootleg Tape)

Atheist managed to come a long way from Piece of Time to Unquestionable Presence alone in terms of technicality and songwriting. Elements took Atheist to the next level and as such they start flaunting their jazzy side more freely. To this writer, it felt like the band mildly flirted with the idea of mixing death and jazz on their sophomore album, but Elements really puts it in your face. The aggression of past efforts is still there, it's just evolved into a slightly different beast. The riffs became bizarre, the songs present many different paths of construction, but at the same time, not varying so much that it sounds sloppily thrown together just for the sake of trying to blow your mind. There is catchiness to Atheist that is very hard to grasp, let alone replicate, yet they make it seem easy. So many technical bands have tried doing what Atheist do and most of them fall flat on their face and can't write memorable, good songs. This Bootleg is fkn killer , you can hear the intensity of the band , on this tour the original plan was that Dismember would play with Benediction, but in the last moment Atheist came into the picture, thundering bass lines, powerful leads and solid rhythms. The thing that continues to amaze me to this day is that this band was so unique back in the day. If you're a fan of Cynic, and late period of Death then this should be a tasty treat for your ears !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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  1. Is there a way you can share this bootleg? It's so hard to come by any Elements era Atheist shows.

    They rule!