Monday, May 18, 2015

Feign-Into the Void (2015)

Well for starters. Feign's demo boasts a surprisingly excellent production. The drums are full and alive, vocals actually sound evil and don't sound monotone and annoying like other new black metal bands. The guitars have this cool hazy/thin tone to them, something that I can't recall elsewhere. As for the music? Well it is pretty damn good and maintains that Darkthronesque vibe of headbangablity; cheesy, but cool, put together with a cool break in the drums and bass create a chilling atmosphere which explodes into a blast beat. It's cool to see this one man project making genuinely interesting music, even making a chilling atmosphere. Having not listened Black Metal for a while, it's funny to come back to it and realize how evil Feign can sound and the music itself is executed quite well, not to mention good production for a demo. Worth exploring if Norway's your thing!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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