Sunday, May 17, 2015

Heaving Earth-Denouncing The Holy Throne (2015)

This album has the best of two different death metal worlds. The classic old school dark influence of Immolation.That’s what makes this album so interesting. It has waves of that grizzly atmospheric sound that brings images of a dying world under siege by legions of hell spawn, while at the same time having those delicious grooves and headbanging riffs. There’s even a great variety of song structures here, which is something that gives this album a big boost ahead of a lot of death metal albums. I mean some death metal bands (*cough Cannibal Corpse *cough) only know how to make one type of song. And I'm not taking anything away from those bands. Hell I could listen to Vile all day, but it does keep those albums back from reaching that certain level if you know what I mean. Let’s take a look at this masterpieces song structures. The opener "The final crowning", one of my personal favorite death metal songs, is basically a progressive song. So many different riffs assault you, with varying tempos and sections. Throw in a few skull shredding solos as well and you have yourself a masterpiece. Not to mention the epic lyrics, the finest vocal performances in death metal is here. All throughout this album you will be treated to reverberating, spine shattering vocals that are understandable, and when you understand them, you don't feel yourself getting dumber! I feel the need to get a concussion, just try to not bang your head when the concluding riffs kicks in, and kick is a good term, as it feels as if the chords are pounding you right in the gut! This is defiantly a good death metal album and should be added to any metalhead's collection.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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