Sunday, May 17, 2015

Unfit Association-Absurd Reality/Flagging Water (Remastered Tape 2014)

This is a remstered re-released of two demos. I was in for quite a surprise. Unfit association from Hungary is pretty much standard simplistic blackened-death metal, with speeds ranging from mid-paced to all out blasting. Production-wise, the recording isn't too bad for a demo; it sounds like it was recorded in a dungeon but the guitar and drums can be heard rather well....that is until the vocals kick in, and here's where a good amount of this demo's power lies. The vocals are absolutely insane - a hellish, frantic howling drenched in distortion and reverb that almost totally drowns out the other instruments. Some may find these maniacal shrieks to be annoying and too over the top, but personally, I think they give this band a sound, style, and intensity that few can match. Highly reccomended for rare demo collectors or anyone who simply loves their death metal with a chaotic, raw, gritty, underproduced sound.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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