Sunday, May 17, 2015

Dehuman-Graveyard of eden (2015)

When it comes to instrumentation, Dehuman excels on this album, particularly on artistic vision, incredibly thick and crushing guitar tone present on this release. The thickness gives the illusion of this album being slower than it is, even at extremely high tempos. However, this release also has the blistering intensity of early 90's death metal bands. There’s an undeniable power to this album. It seems that a palpable aura of power radiates off this release, that one can hear seeping through on songs such as ‘Crypts of blood’, with it’s willingly simplified patterns designed to elicit genuine reactions in its listeners. ‘Invocation of sublime death’ and ‘Cerebro Veneficium’ are utterly devastating tracks that remember the best of older death metal while still retaining the modernity of this release. ‘Graveyard of eden’ is a truly brutal and assertive album in an age of compromise, it is a brilliant work, and not to be missed by any appreciator of death metal, modern or not.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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