Sunday, June 25, 2017

Szept/Hunger- Split Cd

These Split is from Poland....very much interested in hear to these two bands. Szept is a piece of quite enjoyable black metal. The early blackened metal influences are well stuck in the sound, doom parts taking dominion on the sound with a good alternance of fast up tempo. The blast beats are rare and quite raw in technique and speed…they are like faster up tempo. The guitars work is quite good and violent. Anyway, the song structure is  quite simple with few, main riffs. The production is quite essential and reminds me the one of those occult, early black bands like Samael. Anyway it is quite good and all the instruments can be heard quite well. It's perfect for old school black metal followers.
Hunger is another interesting band In terms of black metal, while even fewer will support the ventures into simpler directions under the name of black metal. This Duo seems to keep the flame alive, it can be described in much the same terms, that song illuminating the surrounding landscape more intensely than the other band. Attempting to push the envelope, Hunger find a way to fuse storming fast riffing and blasting with some atmospheric and emotional scope, allowing to sound primal and incensed without losing its sense of magnificence. It should be enough of an incentive for anyone to experience this!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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