Sunday, September 10, 2017

Descend Into despair-Synaptic Veil (2017)

Straight-up pure doom metal from Romania. An overall strong and worthy addition to the metal scene and an important influence on heavy music, excellent vocals perfectly accompany the dense atmosphere and depressing motifs of this killer band. The album takes hold of the listener, keeps them down amidst a sea of woe, the gloomy atmosphere of the guitar work is superb, it produces a startling effect, triumphantly melodies that is as catchy as it is sad and brutal at the same time, desperate whisper compelling and dark. The overall sound of Synaptic Veil is not what one would classify “heavy metal.” The snail-paced, death-influenced doom is definitely here. Descend into despair play a sort of mid-tempo shoegaze style here⎯with heavier guitars and drums, for fans of depressing music, doom metal or no, it’s hard to argue with the shear emotive and oppressive power of this record. Killer record from start to finish!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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