Sunday, September 17, 2017

Epidemic-Malformed Conscience (2017)

In this era of Metal, the bands are experimenting with a lot of influences. Due to this bad development, I was looking for angry sounds. I'm glad to discover bands like Epidemic. And it's no disadvantage. Their music is a fresh breeze. Armed with a reliable sense for catchiness, Epidemic offers a  hard musical approach, flowing riffs contrasted with the extremely raw voice and definitely not afraid of explicit lyrics. Epidemic commuted between stomping mid-tempo numbers and fast-paced pieces. Generally speaking, a bunch of fantastic neckbreakers, for example “Losing Time” or “Hatred”, shined with their dynamic. Vocalist/Guitar player Adam is here to demonstrate his very bad mood and to evoke emotions like hatred and hostility. Following this line, he did a good job. His vocal performance did not lack of aggression or vigor. The constantly high level of the tunes is remarkable. Good tracks with some hardcore breakdowns but still thrashy!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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