Friday, September 1, 2017

Prezir-Contempt ( EP 2017)

This is pure well-constructed brutal Black/death metal for excellence. The feeling of clandestine, slowly emerging catastrophe is a trademark of this band. Their sound? crawling riffs and bestial drumming delivering a death metal motif with songs that sound like the musical accompaniment to the Angels of the apocalypse marching towards sinners to be deposited in the pits of Hell.  Again boasting a vicious sound job proving their place among death metal’s deadliest here. These maniacs deliver a fully demonic performance perfectly attuned to the band's occult lyrics. Brilliant riffs and flashes of genius in the solos delivered along with demented vocals, it is refreshing to hear another new project answer the challenge in the underground metal scene. Contempt is a true flawless masterpiece!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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