Friday, September 1, 2017

Soul Remnants-Ouroboros (2017)

This release still features some faster death metal elements from the past as well as the twin guitar leads and a versatile vocal performance somewhere between slightly restrained growling, slightly experimental performances inspired by different Thrash, Death and why not Black metal for moments. The album also is filled with extremely brutal orientated choruses.The choruses on this album are extremely strong and probably among the very best in the band's entire career. The drumming is amazing as well the riffs, the band is more extreme metal orientated side, no matter what you think about the band's new sounds, this album will kick your ass. The verses are fast, powerful and unchained concerning both the energizing riffs, the pitiless rhythm section and the wild vocals. The choruses comes around with beautiful guitar harmonies and some soloing just after the vocal part. The rhythm section grooves in an enjoyable way and never gets too sluggish. The vocals are raw-emotional and to the point. Other than incredibly catchy offerings, you get to hear a balanced mixture of powerful melodic death metal. If we look at this release in a good way, this is probably a reconciliatory record for both metalheads fans of the early days in metal and the contemporary phase. On this record, both worlds harmoniously collide in almost equal parts. Otherwise, the songs writing and some incredibly catchy choruses make this album stand out as a high quality release in the band's discography. This release doesn't include any fillers and only above average to excellent songs. This album may not be as revolutionary but it's definitely a highlight in the band's career that both old and new fans should know and own. Great work on this one !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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