Sunday, September 17, 2017

Khazaddum-Plagues Upon Arda (2017)

Khazaddum attacks once again, it sounds more complete and more visceral while executing it more elegantly. Standardly written death metal, morphed into a grisly, ferocious beast. This album’s darker and more thought-out. Savage Riffs, bass is warmer and burlier, the double bass is non-stop, and the tone makes it addicting. Luka’s vocals are brutal as fuck. Each song contains immense, turbulent rhythms, chaotic leads, and epic riffing. The pace is almost always fast throughout the album, but the best is made up of those mid-paced breaks akin to thrash breaks which opt for a catchier style. Either works for Khazaddum and here they’re able to play it both ways while keeping it consistent and memorable. The drumming modifies its patterns during these times into something more flowing, of course, and that’s something I prefer to any blast beats. Truly an epic example of superior musicanship. Excellent job on this album. Any Death metal fan needs to hear this album or buy it, also for any fan of Lord of the Rings as well. Hail to metal !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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