Friday, December 29, 2017

Unspekeable-Expulsion of the triumphant Beast ( Demo 2017)

Brutal and blasting death metal with their own identity. Sure their music is as wicked and gruff as death metal has any right to be, but it’s also unblessed with eerie structures, memorable anti-melodies, and an ever present, nearly tangible sense of Black metal and desperation. Everything that gives off an image of death metal is present in this demo. Heavy guitars, lyrics about occultism, demonic vocals. Now, I consider this demo to be flawless - that's right, there is nothing wrong with this demo at all. Why, though? Well, this demo is crushing. The heaviness of this demo is like being trapped in a swamp full of mush and below that swamp lies an evil that just sucks your soul in to never return. That's the best way I could describe how oppressive and dark a demo like this is. Monstrous vocals, somehow manages to sound like Cthulhu combined with Satan himself to give off one of the most devastating vocal performance. Overall, this is a kick ass demo. There are no flaws and everything about it is perfect from the guitar tone, to the fitting solos, to the drumming, and the bass playing. It all fits together perfectly like an elaborate puzzle. It is really that good.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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