Saturday, December 9, 2017

Code Red-Fang of the Sun (2017)

The thrash metal revival has become huge now once again. All countries with a metal culture already have their fair share of new thrash metal acts. Code Red from Japan are a bunch of really energetic fast guys. Their originality might not but that good, but their energy and solid song writing easily makes up for it. Top of the bill enthusiastic retro thrash on which the pace is very high most of the time. Exactly the way I like it. Izuru’s screaming and screeching vocals are exactly what this music needs. Hyperactive drumming in true Nuclear Assault and early Slayer fashion with razor sharp guitars. It’s difficult to name highlights since the album as a whole simply rages on without giving the listener time to breath. But if I have to, it would be opener "Rise of the Avenger" and "Toward the South. Catchy and furious sing-a-long songs that will do perfect in a live environment. This album should be available all over the world. Code Red is by far the best new thrash metal band from Japan and I can’t wait to hear new material. Fkn Insane !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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