Saturday, December 9, 2017

Genocidal Terror/One day in Fukushima 7" split Ep (2015)

These maniacs have been conjuring some of the cruelest Death/Grind metal ever summoned! Wimps and posers be warned! The Dark Lords are here! This is a Split 7" with One Day in Fukushima. Lets' talk about Genocidal Terror first. I imagine poser corpses all over the place, and i think this holocaust is complete ( well in my mind is when listening to this pulverizing Ep) The tight Death/grind execution is expertly played in this trio. Drums whip the grueling pace while the lightning fast speed picking flies above it all, raining down deadly metal notes. The bass is on death command, warning Nu metal  fans to run for cover. Vocals vomiting hate for all those who choose to pose is palpable. It is clear it pumps through his metal heart. This is an excellent band playing a savage metal style. Well now is the turn for One Day in Fukushima. From an Instrumental standpoint, complexity is not their forte. The riffs are extremely basic. This doesn't necessarily make it bad. They're catchy and you'll most likely enjoy the riffs very much. The drumming is very fast. In my opinion, the fast, and almost careless, do what you want feel, is what made me love this band. You have to just accept the fact that this band is basic, fast, heavy, and pretty crazy sounding. This is fkn grindcore and is great. I enjoy the commotion created within the songs. Overall, I fkn like it. Even though it's basic, it has a great sound,, it's brutal as fuck, and it will kick your ass. I can't stress enough that it is not for everyone. You've been warned. LONG LIVE EXTREME MUSIC !!!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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