Friday, December 29, 2017

Kriegszittern/Minenfeld (Split Cassette 2017)

Kriegszittern: Dark, brutal and Heavy. Three characteristics are present on this band, each song is a gem in its own right; there are no fillers. The guitars are vicious; they come through clearly but without having the sound of being overproduced. The riffs in each song are numerous and varied, but they meld together almost perfectly, there is hardly an awkward moment throughout this cassette.  Killer riffs, they never get old. The drumming ranges from standard time keeping to interesting double bass patterns and relentless blast beats. The bass drum isn’t too loud, but sometimes it isn’t that audible either. With the intense riffing going on and how well the snare fits in with the songs however, I hardly notice that. The songs are still fun to listen to, head banging atmospheric death metal tracks with killer solos and demonic vocals. this band is eerie and heavy.
Minenfeld: The best way to describe the overall sound of this band is a mix of Dismember, the rhythmic focus of Suffocation, Morpheus, and the extreme thrash and grindcore bands of the early 90's. This mixture serves as an interesting feature of the cassette, with raw vocals adding to the charm, makes this an easy band to listen to. The obvious blast beats and up tempo parts are always present to break the mid-paced, gore parts and add the deserved speed. This is a good piece of old school raw death metal.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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