Saturday, December 9, 2017

Strike Master (2017)

It's really hard to find good bands these days , specially when everyone try to imitate other bands. Strike Master from Mexico finally reaches his definitive lineup, an unstoppable trio with which they raze the world. All the tracks maintain a lot of melody, speed, rage and they are very catchy, by that I mean the riffs, the choruses, the guitar solos, drumming is insane,  and even the  bass is killer on this release. All of them are real gems of pure speed and aggression. They remind me a lot of heavy/speed metal bands from the 80's, with very good riffs. Regarding the production, I personally like it very much, a perfectly audible bass and aggressive and dirty guitar just like the voice, like i said the drummer is a fkn beast. You don’t get bored while you're listening to the album, it’s not monotonous, the songs are very original and worked. They are made with desire to destroy your ears. In short, an essential record from an era when all the bands are overproduced. I can't really highlight nothing, because I like all of it, it's perfect. Many people probably don’t think like me, but i don't give a crap, this album is a must have, period !!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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