Monday, December 4, 2017

Gatoebrio-Epico, Sucio y Malparido (2017)

This album is easily worthy of a perfect rating. But I'm sure that some will say that Doom Metal is boring, and blah blah blah. I hope this record isn't ignored by metalheads. This record hits just as hard, and sometimes harder than all the early 70's classic bands as Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. It's full of the gloom and doom that I love. The music is influenced by Black Sabbath i must say. Vocals are so cool, the guitar is heavy and down tuned, i mean every instrument deliver a powerful rhythm section. Now let's get to the songs. There is some slow, heavy and bluesy stuff on here, most notably "Cabezas con Coronas"", the amazing dark song "La era de la nausea". There are some more upbeat songs too. Such as "Altezas de las Mentiras"", my personal favorite "Batallas en los viajes Internos". A cool doom metal band from United States featuring Peruvian musicians from bands as Mazo, Reino Ermitaño and Mantra Wheel. This album is essential to every collection of metal albums. I think you can find this album online, if not, contact: Gato Mazo Cortez to get a copy right now. So put down that extreme  metal you're listening too, and check out the band that has a fkn amazing sound. You will not be disappointed. I almost forget to tell you, Grab a few beers and enjoy !!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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