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Metal  Crucifier is a band fromed by old schoolers Peruvian bangers. Bringing back the sound of traditional heavy metal, raw and in your-face. I have the chance to interview the band.

1-Metal Crucifier is a new band. Who create the band, What inspired you to form it and why the name?
Walter Crucifier: The band consists of Renato Bar on drums, Julio Obregón (Thalarium) on Vocals, Gustavo Bermudez on Guitar/vocals, Enrique (Ekitant) on Bass and myself Walter Crucifier on Guitar, chorus and other blasphemies.Well ... the band was formed by me (Walter) because of my need for Heavy Metal with a sincere traditional sound and my strong influence of NWOBHB. To be honest, I had this idea in my mind for several months, however, I decided to make it happen right at the Sabbat's show, when the Japanese maniacs were playing a song of  METALUCIFER (Gezolucifer sings in both bands). That show was so important to me, 'cause in that precise moment they played "Heavy Metal Hunter" I told Giovanni who was beside me; I need to form a kick ass Heavy metal band! And that was exactly what happened Ha ha !. The name of the band was born precisely because of the influence of METALUCIFER in me and in the other members as well. I used only the first word and added it to Crucifier, which is the name i've been using since the time i was playing in Hadez (another peruvian band).

2-What were your expectations when forming the band?
Enrique Ekitant:: Doing a good job, both musically and lyrically, create great songs and shock people when they hear us for the first time, is like getting a punch in the face. They have to feel what we are trying to create. We want to play as much as we can, and everywhere. We want the band to be recognized in Peru and overseas as well. I think we are on track and doing a good job on this one.

3-What about the process of recording your songs. What has been the hardest thing when recording them?
Walter Crucifier: It has been a very interesting and rewarding process. I "compose" (Ha ha!) the music and vocal lines of the songs but in the old fashioned way; I start with the riffs, melodic lines or interludes and stuff and then record all these ideas in my phone or with my Canon camera to finish it. 20 years ago we did it in a cassette recorder and it was the same.I don't use Guitar Pro or any similar bullshit! Then in the studio of my good friend Giovani Lama called "Lethal" we recorded a demo which serves as a  pre-production and then begin to arrange the tracks. I think the hardest part was recording my own solos because i'm never  happy with the final result. The cool part is recording the songs with two cases of beer on the side!Ha ha ha!

4-What is the most gratifying thing of the recording process?
Renato: Listen and feel that we're giving life to a classic Metal sound with our long musical experience on this album, we all love the raw and honest sound of music, Metal Crucifier is a clear example of that. The work has been achieved thanks to the ability of each musician and freedom to create the songs.Walter's compositions are extraordinary and the kick ass lyrics created by Kike were the beginning of this madness, I got contacted on December 2013 at Crypto metal bar at 2:00 a.m.and since then i'm working nonstop, i gave the structure and put my touch on drums, then came Julio the young blood in the band and amazed us with his voice; He took the lyrics of Kike to a new different level, then Gustavo did his job balls out on the guitar strings, the result is a mixture that is not common, because of our experience as musicians  from other genres of metal. Giovanni Lama is an important key in the recording process as well for his support, patience, food and lot of beer too.
Crucifier: Lot of beer that always buy, CSM! Ha ha! Heavy Metal Beer!

5-Tell me about the live shows of the band and tell me the bands you shared the stage with.
Gustavo: Metal Crucifier was honored to debut on stage opening for Picture and Grim Reaper on their visit to Lima-Peru getting cool reviews for our aggressive musical style. Then we had several shows in the peruvian metal scene. .The show with Faith Or Fear was killer too !

6-Do you like any particular band from Peru or elsewhere?
Walter Crucifier: Of course! Well, personally from Peru are several cool bands: Mortem, Hadez, Disinter, Kranium, Masacre, Armageddon and Orgus, among others. Obviously that is included NECROPSYA band which already have 7 years of playing with them. These are bands that i grew up listening to (chronologically and as a musician). Currently there are several bands which are also good: Epilepisa (Alma atormentada, csm) Evil Damn, Goat Semen, Eternal Exhumation, Vlad, Profaner, Cobra and the young guys on base 4; Kraken!Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
¿Bands overseas? You'll need paper and ink if i named all the bands I like (Ha ha ha!) But as a main influences of Metal Crucifier, i would say:  Running Wild, Metalucifer, Tyrant (Germany), Omen, Ruthless, Iron Maiden, Angel Witch Grim Reaper and all NWOBHM bands!

7-How do you want to get exposure in Peru and worldwide?
Enrique Ekitant: We must play very often, promote,sell merchandise of the band and so on, there's no other way. Achieving recognition in Peru is difficult but not impossible, it is not a matter of going out and play.We're lucky enough to be musicians for many years, and one way or another, it helps a lot as a band. In regards to having contacts all over the world, recording process, distribution and promotion, etc... It is also important to play in different places and make ourselves known. The rest of the world can contact us through social networks. The Youtube videos also helps a lot and it's very important. We have just started filming our first video which we want to release it along with the album. We want to be recognized worldwide and we have some projects underway.

8-What are your plans and expectations for the future?
Renato: The immediate plan is to release the album, finish our video and start promoting it in the local scene, social networks and concerts. Also promote it overseas thru the social network. It's a self titled album and will be released through the label Death Cult Records.

9-Where the metalheads can find news and buy merchandise of the band?
Julio Thalarium: We have shirts available by Polos Marloncho,that's all the merchandising that the band has so far. You can find us on Youtube or in our Facebook page

10-Could you compare the Heavy Metal scene in Peru to how it was before?
Gustavo: Obviously, there's a difference from the old days, i remember bands as Masacre, Orgus, Sacra, etc. the evolution of heavy metal has been slow but satisfactory and got better with the musical level of bands like Armageddon and others in the same vein .In today's heavy metal scene  Metal Crucifier plays heavy metal with balls, aggressive,dangerous, and it's here to stay CSM!

11-How would you define the sound of Metal Crucifier?
Julio Thalarium: Two words: Insanity and Alcohol !
Walter Crucifier: Raw and convincing!

12-What would you say to someone who has never heard the band?
Enrique Ekitant: Be prepare to blow the speakers and ears with 8 songs that are like a punch in the face from start to finish!
Renato: Eat shit and die!
Julio Thalarium: Fuck them but first listen to Metal Crucifier that will kick your ass!
Walter Crucifier: ¡Ja, ja, ja, ja!.

13-What is the most special concert you have done so far?
Enrique Ekitant: Definitely the first one !! Our debut was with the bands Grim Reaper and  Picture.That day we killed on stage! We had already posted some of our material on our Facebook page which was well received. It was great to see that in your first show some metalheads were singing our songs. Another concert that was very good was the show with our good friends of Faith Or Fear,with whom we maintain contact and are they're true fans of Metal Crucifier !.
Walter Crucifier: It was a killer night sharing the stage with our brothers of Kraken and Sepulcro damn it.

14-In my opinion I think this band brought back the real feeling of heavy metal. I want to thank you guys for your time in answering this cool interview and wish you luck on this path of Heavy fucking Metal. The last words to close this interview are yours, whatever you want to say.
Renato: As always thanks for the support of all the fans of this scene and be aware and stay alert of the debut album, we want to release a great quality stuff and please go to the shows, buy merchandise it's the only way to survive on this scene.
Enrique Ekitant: Keep the metal in your hearts and this feeling beyond times. Thanks to all the headbangers for the support !!
Gustavo: We thank Soulgrinder zine for this opportunity and for the interview and hopefully  when the record comes out we can count with your support as well promoting the album in your Fanzine. Thrash till death !!
Julio Thalarium: Paul, we hope to see you in September to drink and vomit hahaha. Thanks to all the readers who follow your zine, from Peru to Pennsylvania, Cheers!
Walter Crucifier: Thanks for the support to all fans, Juan Carlos Argandoña owner of Death Cult Records, the other members of the band, Giovanni Lama for his true support in the recording and all those who supported us one way or another making this possible and not stay  in just one idea. I also thank you Paul for this interview, for the support and exposure of the band thru your zine. When you visit Lima,definitely we'll drink a lot of beers ,yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. all bitches!
Interview by Paul Caravasi

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