Monday, March 16, 2015

MX-Re-Lapse (2014)

Riffs...oh YEAH!! Damn this album has killer riffs. These riffs slay. These riffs kill! In fact, these riffs can be used to conquer the world. This is a compilation of re-recorded songs from their early days, specially "Simoniacal" and "Mental Slavery". Massive guitarriffs. Some psychological warfare alternate the gruff vocals of mad despair with insanely intense guitarsolos, Alexandre's drumming is insane, the bass line is heavy as fuck, and the road to Hell is open. And once there, Mx unleashes these perfect thrash metal songs in existence. I started listening to Mx circa 1990 (i was 14 years old) i was a young boy and i realized how fucking excellent they were. "Beneath The Remains" by Sepultura and "Simoniacal by MX were absolutely insane stuff for me at that time. I immediately went to the store to buy more brazilian bands (Sarcofago-Chakal-Vulcano, Ratos De Pora, Explicit Hate, The Mist, and so on). Well, this album is brimful of rhythm and riffs it's like an orgasmic experience for any Thrash Metal fan. When these guys were in prime form they were up there with Slayer, Exodus andKreator best work. The portugues version of "Fighting For The Bastards" featuring Joao Gordo of Ratos de Porao is killer. If you don't know who MX are , you need to start listening to them right fucking now. These brazilians will kick your fkn ass for sure. MX RULES !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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