Friday, March 27, 2015


Reigns of Hecate # 1 (Peru)
This zine by Clara Herrera is another torchbearer for the true Metal cause, although in SouthAmerica "true metal" must have a slightly different meaning, Clara seems mostly interested in brutal bands. There are some mini-bios on a few bands, reviews on bands, ads and sick art, contact info as well, Pro-printed A4 format black and white pages. That’s about it...all "Metalheads" should write  the editor(if you’re not a Metalhead, I guess you need to inquire for pricing), so I expect she’ll get a lot of letters from both the curious and from true bangers.
Clara Herrera Novoa
JR. Galeano 896
Santiago de Surco
Lima 33-Peru
Review by Paul Caravasi

Reborn from Ashes # 8 (Usa)
This issue only features a few interviews that covers death metal. CD reviews, demo reviews and Reborn from Ashes is looking very nice.This issue features 3, in-depth interviews: RUDE (US), R'LYEH (Mexico), and INTO DARKNESS (Italy), artwork, mindblowing frames by Mark Riddick. Next issue will be a special edition dedicated to the Mexican Death Metal scene. Always keeping the true old school way. Worth checking into.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Pentagram Grimoire #1 (Peru)
This zine is the independent and informal expression of the opinions of two absolutely narrow minded Metalheads from Peru. Has interviews with: Grave Desecration, Putrid and m ore. Seems to focus more on death/grind/black Metal than heavy or thrash metal, but I really like the writing style. A second issue is in the works, however this first issue is well done, at least that's what i can say about it.A cool zine supporting METAL! Their interviews are good. But I love the force & eagerness behind this zine to support Metal! Excellent layout! Very informative & very supportive!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Testament Zine # 15 (Peru)
Chino  Muro, the producer of this rather entertaining printed Metal fanzine based in Peru is the kind of Metal fan who lay his cards on the table right from the word go. "Metal IS long hair, freedom, breaking away from society and generally living wild," that's the attitude. Lots of Black Metal, Death, Doom and Grindcore covered by this 'Zine. There are some excellent interviews in this issue : Mx, Shining, Denial Of God and more...-developing chats with local bands. I was spellbound by the interview with Mx and Fervent Hate. Layout is neat, it comes with a free dvd, written in spanish. Testament Zine is well worth checking out. Haaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiil ! ! ! ! !
Review by Paul Caravasi

Voces De Ultratumba Zine # 1 (Puerto Rico)
Another cool zine printed entirely in spanish from Puerto Rico. This may be metal's most dedicated and diehard publication. The publisher Jay Collazo loves metal and only metal and this is reflected in his zine. There is very little tolerance in these pages for anything but his one and only musical passion. Now before you get it into your head that this is some sort of indictment, this zine doesn't bring a lot of pages but you can see the dedication to pure metal. That is why we call it "fan"zine folks. This is great. Interviews with Crospy Maniac (By Paul Caravasi-Editor of Soulgrinder Zine), Grave, Nocturnus AD, Bajo Presion and Deadly Venomed, plus there are reviews and features a cool artwork. Support print zines !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

Rest In Pain Zine # 1 (Poland)
This is the first issue I’ve seen from this guy and this issue is interested. This issue has interviews hand written like in the early 80's,there’s CD reviews,demo reviews, good interviews and the layout’s pretty 80's. The scanner needs some work and some of the photos came out dark but those are just minor problems. I’d highly recommend this zine to all Metalheads.
Review by Paul Caravasi

Liquid Cheese # 38 (Usa)
Cool Fanzine covering different Metal styles, Horror, and Porn, what a great read. In depths and interesting Interviews, movie reviews, music reviews, the artwork is fkn insane. You'll get a lot of info about the underground scene and that means Metal, Movies, Books.The  Reviews are also very informative & detailed, contacts, ads... The layout is excellent and professional. Very cool zine indeed !
Review by Paul Caravasi

Infinite Terror # 2 (Peru)
Oh yeah! Infinite Terror fanzine it's a winner! This second issue came to me by the own hands of the editor.Actually, I've heard a lot about this zine and was anxious to check it out. It's quite refreshing to see how popular and united the Metal community is worldwide. Inside there are interesting interviews, reviews and a lot of information. A decent zine,and it is available worldwide, so, you shouldn't hesitate to contact the editor immediately.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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