Thursday, March 26, 2015

Bitterness- "Resurrexodus" (2015)

As far as brutality goes, "Resurrexodus" by Bitterness is about as fucking heavy as thrash can get. Seriously, this album is fucking VICIOUS and VIOLENT, and it can easily stack up against anything recorded in the early 90's by Demolition Hammer, Exodus, Sadus or any other thrash metal band from that era. The whole album sounds like the band took the primitive style of the classic bands and injected a speedball directly into it. Vocals are some of the sickest, raspiest, and most insane-sounding of any new thrash band. The guitars and bass are both razor-sharp and bludgeoning, cutting through the mix with ease and melting your face off with punishing riff after riff. The drums are absolutely crushing with the kick drums in particular sounding like hammers pounding away at your skull nonstop. If you're a thrash fan trying to expand your horizons, a death metal fan who can't get into thrash because it's too "tame", or just a fan of extreme metal in general, then I can't recommend this album enough. You will NOT be disappointed.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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