Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Philm-Fire From The Evening Sun (2014)

Dave Lombardo's Philm is about the weirdest metal band there is (In a good way of course), is as much Sabbath-influence as you can squeeze into a 90's metal band. Very "70's" feeling in the riffing and melodies. Kind of catchy, but excellent. Philm have this original sound which every metaller could need from time to time. I mean this band features kick ass musicians Gerry Nestler/ vocals-guitars, Pancho Tomaselli-A fkn beast on bass and the one and only Dave Lombardo on drums. My favorite tracks are "Fire from the evening sun" a massive headbanger... and "Lion's Pit", a freakin tripped out psychedelic journey that will have little appeal for metal purists. In short, this is a solid, rockin heavy album that is absolutely worth owning.It’s not too slow or depressing, and makes for a great showcase of what this band is capable of performing. Absolutely mesmerizing !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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