Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Crimson Brigade-"Blood Battalion" (2015)

You can actually HEAR all the instruments. And it DOES have a sense of atmosphere to it, a total black metal band. For the vocal part, here you can here a sense of anguish in his screams as in you can actually feel his pain to a certain extent. Plus the drumming is well constructed, good least doesn't sound like a drum machine going off at 10000000000000000 mph. Also the sound production is a bit raw, but you're still able to hear the majority of the musicians . 13 songs and I can without a doubt say that these are a good offering, sounds fast. Also it should be noted there are keyboards on here, but isn't so bad. If you like really raw under-produced  black metal albums. Oh yeah, I completely forgot...the artwork on the album cover is interesting. I am not a black metal fan and i can tell this is definitely not boring.You definitely get your money's worth with this album.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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