Monday, January 5, 2015

Begrabnis/Estrangement (Split cd 2014)

This split cd features only one song of each band, and it's really hard for me to review only one tune, btw i can say there is definitely a "doomed" vibe present here, in as much as each succeeding cut burrows deeper into evocations of the destruction wrought by total war, and the inevitable and ensuing aftermath of hunger, desolation, and hopelessness. As for the tracks themselves, what you get here is with Begrabnis is a trebly, overdriven, and primitively produced ordinance dump of 16 rpm riffs, grunted vocals, delivered at the irnoic pace of a funeral procession. It's basically two riffs, repeated three times each, though it takes 9 minutes and 55 seconds to do so, a masterful evocation of chilling winter winds. It's dense.
Estrangement has an obvious and indisputable influence on all succeeding genres of "doom", especially "death/doom" and "funeral" doom. Here, we will find a trace of "poetic melancholy", complete with whispered narration,droning violins and brutal vocals. This is strictly metal in conception and execution, regardless of its novel properties. However you will certainly feel obliged to own this. Eternal frost, indeed !
Review by Paul Caravasi