Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Integrity and consistence. Blaspherian is probably a hard working band in the underground scene right now. So, has all that hard work paid off with theese three tracks Cd-R .Just one listen will convince fans old and new that this is a killer material, unholy death metal riffs, trudging doom metal sections, pummelling scissor blast beats, astounding finger played bass work, and vocals spewing forth blasphemy. Yup, everything one would expect to hear in an death metal band is here. Essentially what we have here is only 3 tracks , tracks 1-3 are from their 7". Track 2 is from the split with In League With Satan. Total ripping riffs that turn out to be really catchy. The production here is very fitting. Everything can be heard clear without being overdone at all. In fact, it sounds like the recording was relatively simple. No triggers, no bullshit, you know these guys played these songs with a lot of energy. A definite plus for sure. There is nothing that this band can do wrong. Good stuff !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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