Saturday, January 3, 2015

Azotador-Insertando La Sustancia (2014)

The style of this Bolivian Band is pure thrash metal like only in the 80's bands were able to do. So here we mosh, headbang and jump. The rhythmic guitars are always quite technical in their fast riffs. The drums are on up tempo and the opener shows great tempo changes with fast, tapped solos, we can find true technical parts in this kind of thrash metal, especially in the guitar galloping riffage and the solos. Azotador reminds me bands like Heathen and Vio-Lence, for guitars virtuosos. The vocals beside are not excessive but thrash anyway. The fast bass drums moments are great; the guitar sound is extremely crunchy, a bunch of thrash riffage. Total impact. When you think that a song could be a bit more melodic or slower  here the thrash riffs suddenly return and the melody is erased, fast and technical Total thrash to headbang. All in all, this is a quite good effort, worth getting for the sound quality and the riffs, if you enjoy this genre, get it!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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