Saturday, January 24, 2015

Deaprtment Of Correction/Agathocles Split Ep (2014)

Here with have a split cd featuring Department Of Correction and Agathocles, Now it is time for both bands to share a record together, however that this cd only features short songs. Obviously we’re talking fast furious grindcore here with not much room left for breakdowns, D-beat parts or whatever, first band "Department Of Correction” is of course pure and brutal Grindcore, blastspeed all the way, emphasis is on short grinding songs, my favorite track" The Tank is in the Garden" erupts into pure musical violence. Agathocles only presents one track, but it’s fun hearing the band at their most heavy, doom death metal. In conclusion , this is furious. For collectors with an historical sense it is a must have. Department Of Correction and Agathocles on one EP. Enough said. Check this out !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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