Saturday, January 24, 2015

DeadHorse-Loaded Gun (2014)

This goes back to the days when i discovered Dead Horse , now i'm glad i received this copy for review in 2015. Many times I found albums that turned out to be classic records, and all too many that we're very disappointing as well. This is a great surprise from hearing DeadHorse after so many years, somewhere between Thrash metal, speed metal and Hardcore Punk. DeadHorse pushed the aggression and originality a bit more in the early days . I guess the music here reflects their attitudes and their desire to rebel against the typical metal image. DeadHorse is something new and original. "Loaded Gun" does not try to surprise or trick the listener with flashy time changes or experimental songwriting. I don't want to make the band sound simplistic, but I believe the power of their music lies in their ability to get in and out of fast songs. DeadHorse has a straight forward style, and what they lacked in technical ability they more than made up for in energy. Songs like "Train Ride", the classic "World War Wathever" or "Forgive"and the title track thrash it out,  It has an unforgettable dual guitar riffs that leads into a heavy mid speed chugging that will make your neck sore by the end of each song. DeadHorse is back. Highly recommended!!!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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