Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Fetid Zombie-Grotesque Creation (Cassette-2015)

My taste in music is predominately hardcore, thrash, punk, death and grindcore. When the colossal groove of Fetid Zombie first emanated from my stereo, it was a revelation. This cassette is opening horizons of heaviness from which I drank deeply.Thanks to Mark Riddick "Grotesque Creation" is now in my hands and has grown on me over time, mainly headbanging grooves and crusty hardcore punk attacks that bordered on death metal without transgressing over. I find Fetid Zombie to be a reckless force of barbarian indifference, clearly don't give a fuck about you and what you think about what he does. Mark Riddick poured himself completely into every phase of his career. This cassette absolutely fuckin' slays! This whole record is basically psycho-addictive and I've become more hooked every day.A great level of individuated tracks: brutal death metal yes, this sound is different, headbangable riffage and a raw primal swagger that runs a gauntlet of styles and tones with ease -the residual after-effect equivalent to several tons of pure cocaine, a straight-up adrenaline shot and one of my favorite musical experiences. I know that maybe I hold a minority opinion on this. And that's cool with me, this the real underground. But I truly feel it can appeal to fans of everything from Heavy Metal to Autopsy and I cannot see how that is a bad thing. Narrow minded opinions and revisionist history don't appeal to me as much as the direct musical connection. And personally speaking, since discovering this project of Mark Riddick, I'll be listening to it pretty much non-stop and will forever do so. Sickeningly vicious, original and heavy as hell, "Grotesque Creation" tips the scale as a great and enduring metal record. The artwork is insane and the presentation of this tape is fkn old school. Killer job on this one Mark, cheers to that brother!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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