Monday, January 5, 2015

Signs Of The Evil-Crucificcion De La Peste Cristiana (2014)

This original demo was recorded back in 2007. This is where it all begun with Signs Of The Evil. That 30% or so of black metal bands who play this style that sounds like nothing but chaos to the inexperienced and at its best represents the dizzying heights that black metal can be taken to. Influenced by Beherit, Proclamation, Conqueror....and a few touches of Blasphemy as well. Combining the speed of grindcore, the hardness and grit of the evil of early black metal (such as Mayhem – Deathcrush), there is also a bit of a more typical black metal rasp to them. The lyrics are the best kind of black metal lyrics, songs about war, genocide, and satanic rites, you’ll see the all-pervading influence of the mighty, the one and only Blasphemy on this one. If you like Anti-Christian lyrics, check this Peruvian Black Metal band.
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Review by Paul Caravasi

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