Monday, January 5, 2015

Three Sixes-Know God, No Peace...(2014)

Three Sixes is a controversial metal band, and that it may very well change metal, this band is creative and brilliant, many could attack this album as simply only having various songs that all feature almost the exact same riffs each time. And though that's true ,what they are able to create with one single riff is amazing. Their style of making music is creative, each instrumentalist playing something in a different time signature. This sort of experimentation truly pays off in the long run, as it leaves listeners scratching their heads and wondering just exactly what they heard featuring odd time signatures, aggressive drumming and guitar playing, and the signature brutal vocals from Damien grabbing the listener the moment they hit the play button. The band also experimented with slower ambient pieces, and these help to transition the listener from part to part, giving them a much needed break from the familiar riff that dominates the main theme of the song. Three Sixes is not for everyone. But if one has the patience and open-mindedness to listen to this band, then this album is clearly the place to start. It's the first album of theirs I listened to, and at first I truly did not know what to think. But after relistening to it a few times, I saw the genius in their work. Is it flawed? Of course, everything ever made is flawed (here, in particular, the repetition can get a bit tedious). But is it still a fantastic experience from start to finish? Also includes an interesting cover of Ac/Dc. Yes. And it's worth every second.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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