Monday, January 5, 2015

FaithXtractor-The Great Shadow Infiltrator (2013)

Let me start this review by saying that when it comes to death metal I am all about the old school. I've always preferred the older and dirtier death metal to the more modern over produced technical guitar masturbation that is called death metal now. Don't get me wrong I like some of the newer stuff and appreciate the talent it takes to write and play in these bands, but its not the same and most of it is not for me. Sometimes change is good, sometimes its for the better but not always. In the case of Faithxtractor I'm glad they retained that signature of the old school sound, to me the lyrics are dark, humourous and nothing more, it brings a certain sense of fun to death metal that I think is missing these days. The genre takes itself too serious at times and it takes a band like Faithxtractor to inject some B-movie horror lyrics and silliness into the equation.The musicianship on this album is impressive, very good guitar solos. Its blended together in a way that tells a story rather than just another song about gore and murder.This album is a must have for Death Metal fans, its fun, silly, gory, sludgy, aggressive and raw. They're bringing back a part of death metal thats been missing for a long time. Its worth your time if you're into the old school sound so go buy it now.
Review by Paul caravasi

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