Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Entrench-Violent Procreation (2014)

"Violent Procreation" is Entrench's wicked sick thrashing metal explosion of rage, is their sharp as steel, honed to perfection exercise in precision aggression, one of the tightest yet most full barreled thrash metal assaults ever laid down in 2014. And as with other new albums, the song writing keeps pace with the savagery, the album being a nearly flawless run of memorably destructive music. "One With Agony" is perhaps the top of the heap, quality wise, but the entirety of the album is assured. The production, which captures every riff, every beat in sterling form. But the real achievement here is how Entrench have moved from a bunch of kids making the most ripping metal in their power, to a band writing some of the genre's most intense and flat our best music ever. If you own this album, Dark Angel's DARKNESS DESCENDS and Kreator's Pleasure To Kill, you can be assured that you are hearing thrash metal at it's best. It wouldn't hurt to also grab key releases by Whiplash, Sacrifice and Razor, but if you only want to hear the absolute best Thrash Metal album in 2014, Entrench's "Violent Procreation" is a must have. I bet Victor Holmström could be so proud of this album!
Review  by Paul Caravasi

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