Sunday, November 29, 2015

Caelestia-Beneath Abyss (2015)

Caelestia are not that impressive to say the least but their music is beautiful enough to keep me interested for another listens. Well at least they sound hell a lot better than Lacuna Coil of today.This record shows significant originality. Dimmi V exhales some of the most enchanting yet powerful melodious air of noticeable talent. Yes. She is gifted with quite a decent vocal that fits for this type of music that borders between extreme and melodic metal. Instruments wise, there is a remarkably sound for the fact that band members use quite one-dimensional approach to their sound in general. Thankfully, Caelestia are able to add some spices to their offering, employing decent amount acoustic plucking. For a young band from Athens to play in this style, it may not really take much to create a fairly standard art. The vibrant production allows enough room for each member to breathe in life to their weapons. Drums are quite in the mix, so do the cymbals and the guitars. Everyone is on top of their game here, which is a plus as well. keyboards are performed well. The primary instruments are so powerful that keyboard got quickly drowned by the enthralling cacophony. Well, that again is good thing for me because a lot of purists tend to assault Keyboards as mere faggotry driven by nothing but excessively cheesy sound to cover up band members’ lack of talents. Again, this record is not entirely keyboard driven. As I said, I am not sure where the keyboards are anyways 'cause the guitars and drums are powerful. Most tracks are good and memorable. Decent performance. Each song provokes visual hallucinations to those who can actually appreciate minimal but in-depth works of art. An overall enjoyable release by this band that incorporated hard rock elements into their extreme outlook. If you like straightforward, fuss-free, simplistic approach to Gothic metal / rock, extreme metal go and buy this full length.Track highlights? None in particular. Each song is good enough for repeated listens. This means the band had invested all their best to produce this decent record. Check them out !
Review by Paul Caravasi

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