Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sonick Plague (2015)

From the late 80's, Sonick Plague bring the classic Thrash Metal sound. Sonick Plague have finally managed to re-recorded a consistent thrash metal album that is well produced. Overall this album is not "amazing", but is certainly great! By point of fact, just about every song on this album is worthy to be heard, the drumming on this album is rather impressive, especially in the double bass department where the drummer delivers speed and power. This album also seems to be aggressive in the lyrical department, as its "in your face" type of record. Check out the tracks "My Gun" and "I don't wanna relax".  Lyrics definitely lean towards a rebelious realm and the message is lound and clear...Fuck You! This album is actually very heavy, both in terms of songs as well as the production, and that's definately a good thing. Overall a decent Thrash metal album with some very memorable tunes.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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