Saturday, November 28, 2015

Nuclear-Formula For Anarchy (2015)

With the thrash metal resurgance of late a lot of old bands have been coming back to party one more time. Original thrash metal stahlwarts like Kreator, Death Angel and Testament are releasing up to par new albums and newcomers such as Havok, Hatchet and Toxic Holocaust are carrying the torch for the next generation. Nuclear from Chile belonged to a small new wave of thrash bands that never really broke through yet who released a decent album that unleash their thrashing metal upon the world...and the world is better for it! There was a sense of concern when first sliding the disc into my cd player. Those concerns where immediately blown away however by the stellar riffing of opening number "Offender". Pure f'**king thrash metal!!! The main influences here are no doubt Exodus and Kreator. The backwards type of riffing ala Gary Holt is vicious and the aggression of mid-career Kreator is ever present. The vocals however remind me of the mighty Schmier (Destruction) at his angriest and most vile. The album is absolutely jam-packed with anthemic tracks. The slaying riffs and the catchy chorus make this an immediate classic! The songs are ballcrushers for the books but it doesn't stop there. There are no weak points to this album. I think anyone into true and honest thrash metal will enjoy this disc immensly. No matter if you're into the "old school" or the "new school" this oughta please your urges from start to finish. Southamerican Thrash Fkn Metal direct to your skull !!
Review by Paul Caravasi

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