Monday, November 23, 2015

Paralysis-No Turning Back (Ep-2015)

Each song on this Ep is a drive-by ass kicking, rarely lingering around long enough to repeat riffs. It is this sheer intensity that makes this band interesting. The band does a hell of a job making it work here and I’m quite content with the final product. There's always the subject of originality to ponder with these new Thrash metal bands, but I say fuck it, enthusiasm and attitude are much more vital to this stripped-down style of thrashing fury. And the band somehow manage to keep the pace frantic through all this teenage vio-gression. Subject matter? violence and more violence. No deep sentiments to ponder here, just straightforward, juvenile thrash lyrics yelled over delightfully juvenile speed anthems, nasty guitar tones reminiscent of mid to late 80’s bay area bands. In short, this is heavy, catchy, fast, and fun. It's kind of retro-minded in it's execution. Fans of this style, past or present, should very well have heard it by now.
Review by Paul Caravasi

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