Monday, November 23, 2015

Hatchet-Fear Beyond Lunacy (2015)

The quiet melodic intro shouldn’t fool you, because what you will find here will blow you out at once! Hatchet make an outstanding display of complex raging thrash from the first song to the last. With no exception, the incredibly consistent riffs and hooks attack without compassion during the whole record. Each composition is an admirable exhibition of inspired riffs that build a strenghtful wall of sound, along with the constant velocity of the tempos. The aggression with exquisite technical arrangements. They don’t get stuck in the same riffs at all, they prefer to modify them into several alternative sequences that create skilled instrumental passages, with lenghty brilliant pickin’ parts and unpredictable rhythm changes. The result is totally professional, complex, competent. These guys definitely reached next level with supreme cuts like “Living In Extinction”, “Lethal Injustice”  and the epic “Tearing Into Hell”. The quality and power of the riffs are extraordinary, I must insist. The very convincing skilled ways to vary the riffs during the songs demonstrate that the musical basis of this material was intended to be direct to your skull. No simplicity, no primitive patterns. This stuff is the culmination of the previous release, so the merciless sonic violence and brutality of the last album can still be found here. Although, now that relentless aggression is more polished, cleaner.The stunning quality of these numbers prove their splendid abilities, virtuosism and inspiration. This record makes a difference and Hatchet should get more attention and recognition. If you like bands as Destruction and Kreator don't hesitate to get this. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED,
Review by Paul Caravasi

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